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GC-Global Capital Corp. is a publicly traded (TSX Venture Exchange - "GDE.A") Canadian merchant banking organization that focuses on providing a range of investment banking services to micro-cap and small-cap companies in North America in both the public and private markets.

Launched in 2003, GC-Global Capital Corp. has invested in over 100+ companies providing bespoke capital solutions focused on creating value for its shareholders.

GC-Global Capital Corp. investors have an opportunity to participate in investments in private late stage, growth oriented companies that would not be available to the investor directly. GC-Global Capital Corp. focuses its investments with typical non-control structures utilizing multiple levels of the capital structure including common equity, preferred shares, bridge loans and convertible debt.

Investing as a Principal and Equity Financing

Global Capital works with management of operating companies in order to create value for businesses in which Global Capital assumes a position. These services can include equity financing, developing mergers and acquisitions, providing operational management support and structuring and negotiating debt and equity placements. Global Capital will focus on acquiring positions in private companies at valuations that incorporate conservative earnings multiples and stable cash flows. As an extension of these financial services, Global Capital will undertake to develop public shell companies for the purpose bringing these private companies into the public market.